Projects I did as an Undergrad

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These are some projects I did before graduating from BITS-Pilani in 2015.

  • Monitoring factory workers’ performance with Kinect (2014): Used deep learning to measure the quality of activity of factory workers. It performed well in varying lighting conditions, distances and orientations of workers w.r.t. the Kinect.
  • Tracking finger-gestures using Kinect to control a PC (2014): Won 1st prize in BITS-Pilani technical festival 2014 in appliances category.
  • Compiler-construction course project (2014): As part of a course project, developed a compiler to compile a toy language to x86 assembly code.
  • Many-to-one P2P media streaming (2013): Designed & developed UDP based many-to-one media streaming protocol.
  • Context aware home automation system (2013): Involved tracking humans using motion detection, blob detection, skin detection and stereo cameras.

My Old Website

Here is a website I maintained as an undergrad before 2015. Here’s a summary of each blog post on the website: